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    Acrylic Artist

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read about my artistic journey.  For a long time  I’ve toyed with art and calligraphy, never really taking it seriously.  It took the Covid pandemic and a suggestion from someone close to bring me to the art of Acrylic Pouring. Never would I have imagined the liberation that would ensue through the movement of this discipline.  I was hooked, the fire ignited and I had to master this technique, so undertook a couple of online courses which were both fascinating and inspiring.  This art form does require a great deal of knowledge,  on different pouring mediums, pigments and fluid density.

    Perfection has always been my aim, which can be challenging!  Yet art has become my daily Therapy.  I look forward to going into my studio with my dog and creating something beautiful, getting messy, feeling the paint on my hands and it’s smell, what an awesome feeling!

    I still have my first 20 x 20cm painting which I will always treasure as this made me fall in love with this style of abstract art and its technique.

    My happy place is at home in my beautiful garden, whether alone with my dogs, entertaining friends or with my special ones, My Family.

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